Spring 2012: Camellia

We’re on to the third of our four fresh colors for Spring, Camellia.  By far the most neutral of the new shades, this print is perfect for adding a subtle punch to your ensemble. We’ll let Liz take it away …

Camellia“We cast this, perhaps unexpected, combination of energetic florals and sober neutrals against a black ground to emphasize the elegance of the petals.  The ambiance we had in mind was one of grace and moments filled with sweet gospel music. It is our refined nod to a soulful journey.


Extremely wearable, this pattern will be a staple in your everyday wardrobe, and looks great with gold, black and all the other colors of the season!”

If Camellia is calling your name, comment below. We will randomly select five lucky ladies to receive a free Tote, in celebration of the arrival of Spring 2012!

Shop the new collection when it arrives online and in stores, Thursday, January 19.

*This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for commenting and congratulations to the winners!

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1,523 Responses to Spring 2012: Camellia

  1. Claudia Barrett says:

    NOW that is a classy pattern!!

  2. Stacey Ostlund says:

    I must have this pattern in the Betsy!

  3. Cathy Mooney says:

    Love this! Will compliment lots in my wardrobe!

  4. ellen griffiths says:

    This is one classy pattern, love it!!!

  5. Lori Henry says:

    Very pretty!

  6. Erika says:

    Very versatile! Great to dress up jeans and a tee.

  7. LYNDSEY says:

    Love it!

  8. Casey says:

    Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful…

    I like it!

  9. Jessica says:

    My fav by far!

  10. Rhonda More says:

    Great pattern to go with everything – especially when pink just is clashing with what you have on – like what I’m wearing today and all I have are pink Vera bags. Another great design.

  11. Dana G. says:

    Such a great wear-with-everything color! I’m a believer. Sign me up!

  12. Rachel says:

    I love that this bag is so neutral. Perfect for the office and everyday.

  13. Dana Kennedy says:

    Camellia calms me. This pattern puts me in a very comfortable place!

  14. chelsea says:

    Love all Vera Bradley patterns this one is my favorite cause i love dressing up and this pattern would look great with that floral pop against kaky jeans. Im dying to try this look!!!!!

  15. Susan Janowski says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The Camellia bag is lovely
    and stylish for you!

    It goes with your jeans,
    It goes with your dress
    It makes you look pretty
    Whatever you do!

  16. Lisa says:

    The colors are so simple, yet so elegant. I feel like a warm spring day when I look at this bag.

  17. Deb says:

    Love, love, love this color mix – sometimes it’s refreshing to have neutral colors instead of a dominant one. Black, gray, brown, cream – it would work with just about everything I wear.

  18. Vanessa says:

    This is great! It’ll go with just about anything! :)

  19. carolsteele says:

    The Camelia colors will go with everything I have. What a wonderful combination for Spring!

  20. Jennifer Gempp says:

    Love this pattern….it will go with so many outfits!!

  21. Beautiful design. It will go with everything!

  22. Tammy P. says:

    classic, elegant, beautiful!

  23. Kelly Wentling says:

    Timeless and elegant!

  24. Beau says:

    mm, perfect color for the professional work environment!

  25. Elise McCaffrey says:

    This pattern will go with just about everything! I am taking a trip to Disney World this spring and am eyeing this one In a travel size tote for sure!!

  26. Linda Patton says:

    Clean & Crisp & Beautiful ……………….love IT

  27. M says:

    I absolutely love this color and pattern!

  28. Melissa dunbar says:

    Id love to have one of these beautiful bags! I love them!

  29. Peggy says:

    I love the neutral colors — this will match everything!

  30. Cherri Kincaid says:

    Love this new pattern. I can’t wait till it hits the stores!

  31. Cheryl Gruenauer says:

    Love the neutral color. A great pattern to wear with anything.

  32. I so love this pattern.

  33. Carole Karras says:

    Definitely my style!!!

  34. Susan Schall says:

    Wow, I love the versatility of the Night and Day pattern, but I think that Camellia may be my new favorite pattern!

  35. Kate says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to add it to my growing collection!

  36. Sarah says:

    This is just the right amount of color

  37. Amy Hawkins says:

    The patterns just keep getting better and better! The best black and white one so far!

  38. Dahlia GUtierrez says:

    Absolutely adore this new classic for my collection. May I be so lucky?

  39. Dorian says:

    At first I didn’t think I would like this pattern, but after reading Liz’s take on it…WOW! I WANT IT BAD!

  40. AnneInOhio says:

    Lovin me some Camellia! My most fav of all the spring designs.

  41. Glynda Morgan says:

    Reminds me a of a warm summer evening in the deep south. Exquisite!

  42. Tammy Swaidner says:


  43. Ginny H says:

    Love this print….AWESOME!

  44. new FAV pattern.. LOVE!!!!!

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