A closer look: Heather

It’s Fall preview week on Inside Stitch, and this first pattern packs a colorful punch. We’re starting with the playful polka dots and royal tones of Heather. Our classic paisleys and blossoms are offered in a very complementary cast of bright evergreen, teal, lavender, lively citron, rich pinks and purples. We invited Liz, our resident Trend Reporter, to share more on our fresh batch of colors.


What inspired it …

“This print is bustling with statement-making paisleys in a palette fashioned after the pretty peacock. Shades of purple and pink accent teal tones in an expressive, exuberant and exciting design. The interior is a happy spread of colorful, playful polka dots.”

How to wear it …

“Heather screams for a denim ensemble. Pair a darker-wash jean with a lighter chambray shirt as your base, and then layer on a pop of color with teal and purple bangles, a shimmery statement necklace or an oversized knit scarf. Button this look up by pairing it with black pants and a tailored jacket. If there’s a chill in the air, throw a crew neck sweater on top for a fresh take on that prep school look. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try a white t-shirt and denim overalls – yes, overalls. This one-piece option is back in style!”

See the inspiration in pictures. Visit our Heather board on Pinterest.

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20 Responses to A closer look: Heather

  1. Denise says:

    This is such an awesome pattern! Just got it in the Travel Mug & can’t wait to get a purse or tote bag in it, too!

  2. I can’t wait for this print!!

  3. Gloria says:

    Beautiful pattern!

  4. Kelly W. says:

    Very pretty and the polka dots are super fun!

  5. Lisa B. says:

    This is the first pattern I’ve fallen in LOVE with in quite a while. And my husband just mentioned how little I’ve spent on VB…I think that might change soon.

  6. Exuberant is right! This is a real stunner!

  7. Stephanie S. says:

    I love this one!!

  8. Amy says:

    Beautiful! I need a new wallet soon… might have to get a Heather one. :)

  9. Teresa Young says:

    This is my favorite one from Fall 2013!

  10. Paula Fisk says:

    so much like other patterns I need a change

  11. Amber Sloan says:

    Oh, Vera Bradley, you’re bankrupting me with yet another beautiful paisley print!

  12. Cheryl166 says:

    The colors are much prettier in person than the photos. While not my most favorite I will at least get a purse for the fall.

  13. Rosanna says:

    Very nice color. Will go with many different colored clothing.

  14. Duru D. says:

    I love this pattern! I feel like getting all of my school supplies in Heather!

  15. Victoria says:

    The new medium tablet cover fits the kindle fire hd 7″.

  16. My granddaughters name is Heather….and I love this print…. I think I’ll have to start a collection 4 her!!!!!

  17. Patty Gapsch says:

    A new favorite Vera pattern for me!

  18. Lauren Moriarty says:

    I wish they would make comforters in this pattern! I’m dying for one!

  19. Sparky says:

    Polka dots are cute, but this pattern isn’t “fashioned after the pretty peacock”. Peacock feathers are green, gold, electric blue, and dark blue; they aren’t pink, raspberry and grape purple. Still the jewel-tones of the pattern and mix of paisleys and flowers remind me a lot of Symphony in Hue and Blue Rhapsody.

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