Britni carries …

Britni carries ...Vera Bradley IT Business Analyst II, Britni V., graduated from the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing in 2011. At least once a season, the proud alumnus packs up her cream and crimson gear, and her Bittersweet accessories and heads south to Bloomington for a football game.

Britni carries ...

“The first time we went tailgating, my parents showed up with woven lawn chairs and the truck tailgate. After the game I don’t think they even made it out of Bloomington before they stopped and got a tent, IU chairs, the works! They even have an extra garage at home called the Party Barn that’s covered in IU gear.” The crew plans to attend three games this fall with Britni’s sister, a senior at the college this year. “We’ve learned it’s all about the setup … the homebase.”

Britni carries ...

Britni packs a Large Colorblock Tote in Bittersweet with essentials for the day: A Travel Mug, 3-1-1 Cosmetic, Umbrella, Wool Scarf, Striped Knit Glove and sunglasses in Portobello Road. Once it’s time for the game, she grabs a Cell Phone Crossbody (available November 7) and brings along just her ticket, money, phone and ID.

Britni carries ...

“My favorite part is just being with friends and family at one of my favorite places in the world.” Go Hoosiers!

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  1. Loving my Bittersweet accessories. Just got my Bittersweet double take tote GORGEOUS!!! Worth the wait. Thanks to Pucketts Jewelry in Benton, ky. For locating one for me. Best looking bag ever from Vera Bradley.LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  2. Kandy Barker says:

    The Saddle Hipster (which I love) and the Weekender would be my top pins!

  3. karen says:

    Makes me think of hot apple cider and pumpkins!!

  4. Katherine L says:

    And I typed my email wrong! Ugh!!

  5. I’m so happy I love it I love the colors for this year it’s the best waiting for 2014 what’s coming up next love love it!!!!!!!!

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